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  • Transport and
    Protection of Bottlesν
    Protective shield for "fragile products"
    with EPS packaging
    Transport and Protection of Bottles
    Protective shield for "fragile products" with EPS packaging

    Often, the distances that a bottle must travel until it reaches its final recipient are very long. Various people and storage methods intervene at all stages of the journey. This makes their transport particularly demanding, so that they do not break during transport, but at the same time, their contents are not altered. UNISOL SA, having many years of cooperation with various producers of vulnerable products with export orientation, has all the necessary technical knowledge and experience to protect your products until they reach their destination.

    The Design and Technical Support Department of UNISOL SA will help you design your own packaging from scratch.

    • Integrity of the bottles to the fullest.
    • Maintaining stable temperature and humidity.
    • Certified by the State General Chemistry.
    • Various customizable dimensions to meet even the highest demands.
    • Ability to stack boxes.
    • Excellent shock protection.
    • Very good resistance to compression.
    • Waterproof.
    • Excellent handling capabilities.
    • Lightweight because it consists of 98% air.
    • 100% recyclable.
    Transport and Protection of Bottles
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