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  • Seismic isolation
    We protect your building
    Seismic isolation
    We protect the building
    By “embracing” the part of the building that is located below the ground with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), we protect the building and those who live inside it from the possible destructive consequences of an earthquake.


    One of the reasons why the field of geology has a separate section dealing with earthquakes is the potential destructive consequences that seismic waves have on buildings.

    The loads transmitted through seismic waves from the natural soil to the building cause either temporary or permanent, irreversible deformation of the materials that make up the building.

    At this point, research has shown that if we insert a layer of Geofoam Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) (as a compressible interlayer) between the perimeter walls and the soil, during an earthquake, the seismic forces are initially applied to the EPS layer. This layer acts as a shock absorber, absorbing most of the pressure and only transferring a portion to the construction, preventing the force of the earthquake from being transmitted to our building.

    By using UNISOL’s CE-certified Geofoam EPS, we not only shield our building from the destructive consequences of an earthquake but also protect the perimeter layer of liquid insulation of the walls from mechanical stress caused by the backfill material since the EPS “embraces” our building, protecting it


    Seismic isolation
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