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  • Retaining Walls
    EPS protection and shielding
    Retaining Walls
    EPS protection and shielding
    Protection and Shielding with EPS Support walls are subjected to disproportionate pressures from static and seismic loads on their foundations and walls.

    In this specific application, Certified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) acts as a relief prism for these points and provides significantly increased lifespan with lower maintenance costs for these constructions. The EPS is placed in the form of rectangular prisms on the back of the construction, inserted between the construction and the ground.



    • “Relief” of the entire construction from pressures.
    • Strengthening of stability.
    • Acceleration of construction processes.
    • Permanent and stable measurable compressive strength and elasticity.
    • Use of certified polystyrene (CE) according to the requirements of each project.
    • Much less need for maintenance of the entire construction.
    • Easy transport and placement on the project.
    • Cleanliness of the construction site.
    Retaining Walls
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