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    Participation in research programs
    Στην καρδιά του στρατηγικού σχεδιασμού της Unisol
    The R&D department is at the heart of UNISOL’s strategic planning. The department has equipment and fully specialized scientific personnel.

    Vision and Mission

    Our vision is to invest in knowledge and towards this direction, we collaborate with academic institutions such as the University of Patras in European and International research programs (see INCOMERA (*) or even international collaborations at a commercial and research level with the aim of improving the competitiveness of our products in general.


    Goals and Objectives


    • The primary goal is the development of innovative expanded polystyrene (EPS) products with high quality standards as well as material systems for the construction of buildings that are economically sustainable, environmentally and socially acceptable.
    • Production of expertise that has a direct application on a commercial scale.
    • Testing of new production techniques for expanded polystyrene with the aim of improving the natural and chemical properties of the final product (for construction or food packaging, etc.).


    Our goal is to optimize competitiveness and dynamic development of the company in the wider area of central and southern Greece .

    (*) INCOMERA

    The international research program RecomLabs focuses on the development and application of enhanced composite materials (using nanotechnology) that bridge the fields of aerospace and construction.


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