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    Facilities at Rio Patras

    Our company is one of the most significant Greek industries producing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with a continuous presence of 45 years in the Greek market. It is the continuation of the family business of the Andriopoulos family, which started in 1974. Today, it operates in a modern production facility in Rio, Patras, with an annual production capacity of 2,700 tons of EPS (insulation & packaging).

    The high-level production equipment, technical expertise, and many years of experience allow the company to design and create functional and innovative products and solutions for every professional and business in the construction, industry, primary production, and processing sectors.

    Unisol develops its business activities in two sectors: Production and Trading.


    • EPS production  (Expanded Polystyrene)
      • Products for insulation, construction, and special building constructions
      • Packaging products (industrial packaging and food packaging)


      • Trading
      • Insulation products (for applications such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, sealing & waterproofing of buildings)
      • Dry construction materials


    By combining EPS production products and insulation materials through cooperation with major commercial houses, Unisol offers truly integrated services and pioneering proposals-solutions for applications such as:


    1.  Energy upgrading of buildings
    2. Thermal insulation of floors, walls, and roofs
    3. Soundproofing
    4. Seismic protection
    5. Specifies & participates in big construction projects such as:


    • Motorways
    • Airports & Railways
    • Marine constructions (floating decks)
    • Roof Gardens & other specialized fields
    The most significant in our history.


    Nikos Andriopoulos operates the first expanded polystyrene production unit in Sychaina Achaia and lays the foundation for its future development into an exemplary industry


    • Establishment of Unisol, primarily engaged in the production of expanded polystyrene and the trade of construction and insulation materials in the wider region of Achaia.
    • Commencement of collaboration with Andromeda Fish Farms. Since then, Unisol has been its exclusive supplier of EPS fish boxes.


    Modernization of production equipment and addition of a packaging box production line for fresh food packaging.


    Change of legal form to a Joint Stock Company and opening of a commercial store for insulation and construction materials in Sychaina Achaia.


    Commencement of commercial collaboration with Knauf, one of the world’s leading building systems manufacturers.


    Commencement of collaboration with Sika, one of the world’s leading producers of construction and insulation materials, providing solutions for a wide range of applications.


    Completion of construction and commencement of operation of the new state-of-the-art expanded polystyrene production unit in Rio Patras, which includes covered production and storage areas of 4,500 square meters on a 14,000 square meter plot. In the same year, Unisol supplies expanded polystyrene for the use of geofoam in road construction on the Malian Gulf motorway project.


    Commencement of collaboration with Baumit, one of the major producers of exterior finishes and colors, external thermal insulation systems, and components.


    Unisol becomes part of the elite network of certified Sika partners with the distinctive title of Sika Experts, and it is now one of the largest partners and experts in Sika solutions in the Greek territory, serving as its main distributor in the region of Achaia.


    Commencement of collaboration with Polykem and Monostyr (now Ravago Group) in the supply of EPS for insulation and packaging. 2015-2019 Completion of major infrastructure projects with the participation of Unisol:


    2015 – 2018

    • Collaboration with the Ellaktor Group for the supply of expanded polystyrene using geofoam for road construction on the Olympia Odos highway and the Tempi tunnels.
    • Collaboration with the Terna Group for the supply of expanded polystyrene using geofoam for road construction on the Ionian Odos highway.


    • Collaboration with the METKA Group for the completion of the infrastructure of the Kiato-Rododafni railway line.


    • Unisol was chosen by the Caramondani-Bellingham Ltd Group for the construction and supply of expanded polystyrene EPS for the floating docks of the Agia Napa marina. The project is successfully completed by Unisol.


    Unisol is selected by the Andromeda Seafood Group, the world’s largest producer of Mediterranean fish, as one of the main suppliers of EPS fish boxes to meet the packaging needs of Andromeda, Nireus, and Selonda companies.

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