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    Increased requirements
    = EPS usage
    Port Works
    Increased requirements of EPS
    Floating houses and marinas based on EPS are already a reality.

    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has been widely used for many years in floating constructions and in the external breakwaters of ports. In these projects, where the requirements and specifications are very strict, EPS comes to address a plethora of issues that arise and overcome any obstacle.

    Floating constructions are already next to us
    The floating marina in Agia Napa, Cyprus, is going to operate.

    It is a milestone project for our company, as EPS with the particularly demanding pantographic designs of all the floating constructions of the project were constructed by UNISOL AE.

    Port works using EPS from UNISOL SA…

    We undertake to complete high specification projects.


    • Lightweight construction.
    • Measurable buoyancy according to the requirements of the project.
    • Possibility of pantographic cutting according to the requirements of the project.
    • Permanent and consistently measurable mechanical strengths.
    • Easy transportation and placement at the project site.
    • Cleanliness of the construction site.
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