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    Road paved with ... EPS
    Highway Construction
    Works Road paved with EPS
    At times, we have all encountered unpleasant situations due to bumps and potholes on rural or highway roads. The problem in these cases starts with the sinking of the unstable subgrade and, consequently, of the asphalt.

    In this very important field, our Certified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) production comes to fill the gap of known structural materials with a plethora of advantages.



    • Acceleration of construction processes of the project.
    • Permanent and consistently measurable compressive strength and modulus of elasticity.
    • Use of suitable quality EPS according to the requirements of each project.
    • CE certified for such applications.
    • Much lower need for maintenance of the overall construction.
    • No special equipment is required for its application.
    • Easy transportation and placement on the project.
    • Site cleanliness
    Highway Construction
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