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  • Floor fillings
    Room screeds Filling
    All in 1 with the lightweight,
    thermal insulating material ecobeton
    Floor fillings - Room screeds Filling
    Floor fillings - Room screeds Filling - Thermal insulation - Creation of screeds… All in 1 with the lightweight, thermal insulating material ecobeton.
    In the construction of new buildings and the energy upgrade of existing ones, the static study determines specific loads for floor fillings and the creation of screeds on roofs.

    By using our production material, commercially known as ecobeton, we achieve excellent results without “dead” static loads because its main ingredient is mixed with special chemical additives, expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads which, in combination with the required amount of cement per application and water, create the appropriate substrate mix (lightweight concrete) for each application (tile filling, roof waterproofing).

    Find out about the most significant advantages of using ecobeton  ecobeton in creating a lightweight concrete mix.

    • Lightweight finished product.
    • Non-shrinkable and non-inflatable.
    • Easy to carry.
    • The mixing proportions, depending on the desired density of the finished product, are indicated on the package (bag).
    • Mixing with special chemical additives, during the phase of its factory manufacture, allows the uniformity of the mixture and prevents the flotation of EPS granules.
    • It is easy to apply either with a common concrete mixer / mortar press for small applications or with construction site production and transport to the project with self-propelled barrels-presses for larger quantities.
    • In the case of thermal and water insulation of roofs, it is possible to directly coat bituminous membrane without the requirement of cement mortar or sanitation layer.
    Floor fillings
    Room screeds Filling
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