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    Building Foundations
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    Building Foundations
    Simplified stages of application for building foundations
    Using CE certified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam in building foundations simplifies the application stages:
    •   Formation of foundation floor (slab).
    •   Layering of clean concrete.
    •   Placement of reinforcements.
    •   Placement of EPS Geofoam. Placement of basement floor reinforcement  .
    •   Pouring of concrete.


    In addition to the obvious reduction in application stages compared to conventional foundation methods, there are a plethora of advantages.

    Quality – Economy – Cleanliness


    The triptych of success in foundation laying using certified EPS Geofoam UNISOL

    • Great savings due to the reduction of construction costs
    • Fewer crews and shorter working time.
    • Use less iron bars
    • Αvoidance of subsidence with zero failure margins due to the use of a certified product (EPS) with measurable mechanical strengths uniformly throughout the foundation surface
    • Cleanliness of the area at all stages of application
      Building Foundations
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