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  • 3D Wall System Construction
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    3D Wall System Construction
    3D Wall System Construction of metal buildings as well as composite constructions.

    Compared to the traditional way of building a structure using reinforced concrete and brick wall systems, in recent years the construction of metal buildings and mixed constructions has begun to occupy a significant share, both for industrial use and for residential use.

    The pre-formed Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which is shaped to the desired thickness, plays a “leading role” in these types of constructions and also constitutes the core of the 3D system.


    Request reliable information from our technical support department, which will help you choose the right solution for your building, as well as the proper selection of application materials.

    • Significant cost savings due to significantly reduced construction time.
    • Enhancement of the seismic protection of the building, meeting the static and dynamic requirements of the current seismic code.
    • Easy and fast installation of electrical and plumbing pipes in pre-formed grooves in the expanded polystyrene (EPS).
    • Uniform technical characteristics and elimination of thermal losses (thermal bridges) due to the use of high-quality and certified (CE) Unisol Expanded Polystyrene.
    • Fast amortization of the total construction cost due to energy savings achieved through the strong thermal insulation capacity of the 3D system.
    • Comfortable and healthy indoor conditions, thanks to the creation of a pleasant and healthy microclimate.
    3D Wall System Construction
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